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Below are our FAQ to help you with any questions you may have.

Our Adventure Challenge books are not country/region specific, and can be completed anywhere! The only exception is that each challenge has an estimated cost range which is listed in USD (as we're a US based company).

We currently offer our products only in English.

We'd suggest using something with a smooth but firm plastic edge, such as a credit/debit card to scratch off the adventures.

Make sure to scratch slowly and light at first! We've noticed coins can damage the material.

You may be stuck with your significant other but not with us. If you’re having regrets, no hard feelings!

View our return policy page HERE.

Our products are imagined and dreamed up here in Redding, CA while the books are assembled overseas. 

Absolutely! We partner with platforms such as Google Pay, and ShopPay, and all major credit cards. We chose the methods you love to ensure the safest, most secure shopping experience.

There are 50 fun and unique adventures in each edition. These challenges can be completed in any town/city, and can be modified to fit your needs. 

Please Note: Each challenge has an estimated cost listed in USD, as we are a US based company :)

You should have received a confirmation email soon after purchase (it may end up in your spam folder!). If this is not the case, please contact customer support at uk.support@theadventurechallenge.com.

You'll receive an email with tracking information as soon as it ships out!

We have placed icons beside each challenge so that you can plan and prepare for the adventure ahead! Any date with the baby icon will indicate a baby sitter will be needed.

No! All of the dates fall into different categories. Feel free to choose a date based on how you feel in the moment!

Of course! We believe that adventure is not based on our abilities, but only limited by our imagination. All of our challenges can be easily modified to suit your needs!

We just recently opened a fulfillment center in Ireland to ship orders to the UK quicker and cheaper! 

Because we're now able to ship from Ireland, the standard shipping cost is £7.50 rather than £16 to ship from the USA, and your order will be in your hands in days rather than a month long transit time from our shores to yours! 

Yes we are!

You can find us listed on BBB.org HERE.

We've recently had a lot of online scammers attempt to sell fake versions of our books. You can only buy authentic products from The Adventure Challenge from our website: uk.theadventurechallenge.com